A Message to All Graduates

In the past weeks, I have been very moved to read about the World War II survivors who, in their twilight years, have received honorary diplomas because their education was disrupted by the wages of war. I’m moved because this is another chance for us to honor our manamko’, to remember their tireless efforts to be involved in our community, to learn about issues that matter and to teach us along the way…

Recently, I witnessed my oldest daughter graduate from college. This was truly a proud moment for me as a mom and I share in the pride all parents must feel as they commemorate the milestones in their children’s lives.

As we celebrate graduates of all ages, we should be reminded that such highpoints are a testament of our ability to work hard and see the successes of that hard work. A diploma is just the next step in one’s journey, a step toward greater things ahead.  Congratulations Graduates!

I commend you all on your accomplishments and extend my best wishes for a bright future!

BIBA Class of 2017!

Senator Therese M. Terlaje
Vice-Speaker, 34th Guam Legislature