FOR IMMEDIATE NEWS RELEASE (May 26, 2017 – Hagåtña) – On this date last year, Therese M. Terlaje officially announced that she would run for senator with one of her primary goals being to make the government of Guam more transparent and equip the people of Guam with knowledge and information so that they can make decisions, and be inspired to act on things that make sense for their families. Exactly one year later, Bill No. 71-34 (COR), introduced by Senator Therese Terlaje (D-Yoña), was passed by the Guam Legislature setting the effective date of an Executive Order to be midnight of the day it is transmitted to the Guam Legislature and to the Compiler of Laws, who is responsible for publishing legal evidence of the Executive Orders and all the laws of Guam.

Terlaje stated, “Prior to this legislation, there was no existing guarantee that the people of Guam would be notified of any of the Governor’s Executive Orders. In fact, none of the Executive Orders issued in 2017 were transmitted to the Legislature or to the Compiler of Laws, and none were published on the Governor’s or the government of Guam’s websites to date. The public should have immediate access to any vital information regarding changes in government operations, laws, and rules and regulations.”

Expanding on the objective of Bill No. 71-34 (COR) to improve government transparency, Senator Terlaje introduced three additional bills this month focused on increasing the public’s access to information on changes in agency fees for services, rules and regulations, and operational changes. Bill 91-34 (COR) is related to promoting affordable access to updated and searchable laws, rules and regulations, Executive Orders, Attorney General opinions, and court decisions. Bill 101-34 (LS) is relative to ensuring a public hearing is held prior to the adoption of any agency rules and regulations. Bill 102-34 (LS) is relative to increasing public awareness of the economic impact of rules and regulations.

“Once all the people of Guam can access all relevant information, our discussions will be more productive and the people of Guam will not be vulnerable to being fooled over and over. I think this is a huge task but crucial. I hope to gain the support of my colleagues to embrace the input of the people, and in turn to use the checks and balance of the legislative branch seriously as it was designed,” stated Terlaje.

For more information, please call the Office of Vice Speaker Therese M. Terlaje at (671) 472-3586.