Vice Speaker Terlaje Urges Colleagues to Unite for Peace

Listen to Vice Speaker Terlaje’s motion for senators to stand in solidarity with residents of Guam to promote peace and justice.  See video at 12:40- 14:40.


“Mister Speaker, while we sit in the historic halls of the Guam Legislature discussing the future revenues and expenditures of the Government of Guam, our economy, taxes, and which services the government will provide, I cannot stop thinking that we do this as a territory of the United State under the threat of a nuclear missile attack by a nation that is at odds with the U.S..  These world powers are talking about our children and our families, and our home of 4,000 years.

International media is here to find out how the leaders and people of Guam are reacting to the threat of war.  I have stayed abreast of all the preparation tips from our executive branch: the “stay calm” suggestions, the call for prayers, and the questioning and analysis of how we ended up in this position again. 

Some residents have organized a rally to call for peace.  I believe we as a community should come together, on this occasion where the cameras of international media and the eyes of citizens across the world are on us, regardless of party, regardless of status preference, regardless of our faith or lack of faith in world leaders, to draw attention to the only truly important fact: that it is our children and families that are at risk, and that we want peace in our homeland of 4000 years.

I would make a motion to recess at a certain time, at 4:30 today, in order to allow senators to stand in solidarity with residents of our island to promote peace and justice for Guam.

Si Yu’os Ma’åse’.